123 women on Saba screened for Cervical Cancer

THE BOTTOM- A total of one hundred twenty-three women have been screened so far for cervical cancer in Saba.

Tuesday marked exactly 1 year that the population screening for cervical cancer started in Saba. Four rounds of screening have been conducted so far. The next round of screening is scheduled for the month of June 2023. 

Saba Cares Foundation will contact women in the age group 30-60, who have not yet participated to invite them for the new round. Women who are not contact, can also contact Saba Cares themselves, to schedule an appointment. Participation in the screening is both free and voluntary. 

Screening for cervical cancer is an important population screening program to contribute to the early detection of cervical cancer and conditions that can lead to cervical cancer. Thanks to this program, all women on Saba aged 30-60 will have the chance to participate in this screening, where testing, diagnostics and treatment are embedded in a systematic and monitored process.

Breast Cancer screening

Looking to the future, RIVM and Saba Cares Foundation plan to start screening for breast cancer soon. Currently, the two organizations are working on an implementation plan.

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