A total of 92 drivers have been arrested for driving under the influence on Bonaire this year

The Justice Triangle formed by Police, Island Governor (m) and Public Prosecutor. Photo: ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK – Recently, there has been a rise in accidents involving alcohol use in traffic. The Chief of Police, Alwyn Braaf, stated that this year, 92 drivers have been arrested for surpassing the allowed alcohol limit for driving.

“Traffic safety is a priority for the police force. Extra controls are taking place for this. They are focusing more on those who drive while intoxicated,” Braaf explained during a meeting Thursday with the so-called triangle of justice. This concerns the governor, chief of police, and also the prosecutor.

According to the chief of police, at the moment an accident occurs, they check whether the driver is under the influence of alcohol.

Continuing controls

According to the Chief of the Caribbean Netherlands Police Force (KPCN), these controls will continue. “Safety on the roads is a priority for our force,” Braaf said.

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