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According to Survey: Flamingo TV has Best Service; Telbo the Worst

Digicel Store in Kaya Grandi. Photo: BES-Reporter

An online survey conducted by ABC Online Media in collaboration with consultancy firm Linkels & Partners shows that customers are the most satisfied with service provided by Flamingo TV and the least satisfied with Telbo. The survey was completed by 228 customers over a 3-day period. Respondents could only rate those providers from which they actually use a service or product.

Most respondents are customers of more than one provider. 70% of Flamingo TV customers describe themselves as satisfied or very satisfied with the customer service provided. UTS / Chippie scores second best with 54% of customers who describe themselves as satisfied or very satisfied with the service provided. Digicel comes in third. There, 34% describes themselves as satisfied or very satisfied with the service provided. At Telbo, only 22% of customers describe themselves as satisfied or very satisfied.

There is a big variance in the degree of satisfaction with Customer Service provided. Illustration: Linkels & Partners

Telbo also scores the lowest when asked about overall satisfaction, in which other elements of the product or service are assessed. UTS / Chippie scores best: 76% of the customers of this provider describe the delivered product as meeting expectations. Flamingo TV comes in second with 71% rating the product as ‘meets expectations’. Digicel with 69% scores comparable to the two previous competitors.

At Telbo however, only 40% indicate that the product or service meet the expectation. This means that 60% of the largest Telecom provider rates the service or product as ‘not meeting expectations’.

Most respondents rate the service of UTS, Digicel and Flamingo TV as ‘overall meeting my expectations’. Illustration: Linkels & Partners


Respondents were also asked whether or not they would recommend the provider in question to someone else. Here too Flamingo TV comes out best and Telbo the weakest.

38% of the respondents would most probably recommend Flamingo TV and 36% probably. With UTS / Chippie this is respectively 18% (very probable) and 36% (probable). At Digicel 13% say they would most probably recommend the provider to others and 30% probably would. At Telbo however, only 5% describe themselves as very likely to recommend the Company to other customers, while 17% say they probably would.

In this assessment, only at Flamingo TV and UTS/Chippie a majority customers would actyally recommend the provider to someone else. A majority of Digicel and Telbo customers would not.

Illustrated here is the percentage of respondents who said they would ‘most probably’ or ‘probably’ recommend the provider to others. Illustration: Linkels & Partners.

Complaints and compliments

Telbo in the survey generated the highest number of spontaneous complaints, although there are also compliments. Most complaints at Telbo are about unfriendliness of customer service staff, difficult to reach, slow internet and internet that is not as fast as promised with the chosen package. Customers who are satisfied often say that they have a permanent contact person who “always helps” them. At Telbo, various customers have noted that customer service is very changeable: Sometimes very good, sometimes not.

At UTS / Chippie, the customer-friendliness and helpfulness of the counter staff is particularly praised. ‘The ladies in front are really very friendly and they always try to help’ is a comment that various respondents made. A few respondents complain about unclear invoices.

The biggest complaint at Digicel is the poor accessibility via the telephone, while the response to emails and texts is poor, or at least not consistent. In addition, a relatively large number of customers are annoyed by unsolicited push (SMS) messages. The staff is relatively often described as ‘unfriendly’ or ‘arrogant’.

At Flamingo TV, the complaint most often heard is that certain television channels are not always functioning, that the speed of the internet is not always consistent and that customers are not always called back, even when it is promised they would be called back. On the other hand, many respondents believe that Flamingo TV resolves complaints very quickly.

About the survey

The survey was set up and carried out for own account and on initiative of ABC Online Media and Linkels & Partners. The survey was set out via the news sites,, the BES Reporter and in Facebook Groep Durft-te-vragen-Bonaire. This survey is a simple opinion poll. We cannot guarantee the group of respondents or the results are (entirely) representative of the actual opinions or feelings of the total group of customers. The survey does not pretend to be scientific.

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