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According to Survey: Little ‘Value for Money’ at Telecom Providers Bonaire

Kralendijk- Customers of the four Telecom providers in Bonaire are in general of the opinion that the providers do not offer much ‘Value for Money’.

A survey executed by Linkels & Partners, together with ABC Online Media, show that respondents in general consider the Telecom providers on Bonaire to be quite expensive.

There are, however, big differences in the perception of ‘Value for Money’ between Telbo, Flamingo TV, FLOW/Chippie and Digicel.

Customers are least positive about the prospect of ‘value for money’ at Telbo. Only 34% of clients feel that they are getting a fair value for their money at Bonaire’s biggest provider.

The clients at Digicel are only a little more positive. 42% feel that the provider is offering a fair value for money. At FLOW/Chippie this is 42%.

The company which scores best on this aspect is Flamingo TV. Of all customers participating in the survey, 67% said they felt the Company offered a fair value for their money.


The positive score of Flamingo TV is not completely surprising. The company also scored best on aspects of customer friendliness, but above all on the speed with which they solve service interruptions. Telbo, on the other hand, scored weakest on all aspects rated in the Survey.

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