Address from Island Governor of Saba for Friday, April 30th

Address from Island Governor of Saba for Friday, April 30th

The Bottom, Saba – Today we learned that there is a new positive Covid 19 case on the island. This is an imported case of a quarantined person who was experiencing mild symptoms, and was tested at the end of quarantine. The person will remain in isolation until they have recovered and have tested negative.

As has been outlined before, there is an application process that must be completed in order to enter the island. Persons have to apply for entrance via and based on the information provided, will then be informed of the measures that must be followed. If this process is not completed, a person may be denied entry to the island.

This process will remain the same after May 1st, and is created to ensure that potential cases can be caught. Persons who are not fully vaccinated will still need to quarantine when coming from a high risk area. In the case, this person would also have been required to quarantine after May 1st and the positive case would have been detected upon testing.

It is important that we continue to practice good hand hygiene and physical distancing when necessary. Remember, if experiencing symptoms, stay at home and contact the Saba Health Care Foundation at 416 3288, to receive further instructions.

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