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Adelka Spanner (DP Statia) Wants 3rd ATM on island

St. Eustatius has one ATM in the center of town and one at the Airport. Photo: BES-Reporter

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius- Member of Statia’s Island Council, Adelka Spanner, would like to see a third ATM on the island.

Spanner made her comment during deliberations on the motion tabled by councilman Koos Sneek about the deplorable banking services on the island.

“Often, the two ATM’s on the island are without money”, said Spanner.

Other complaints heard were the long time it takes to open an account, the high interest rates, high costs for SWIFT money transfers, the time it takes for the bank to process mortage applications and the fact that mortgages are not given to people who are close to pensionable age.


A motion calling on Government Commissioners Van Rij en Francis to start deliberations with The Netherlands about the need for better banking services was adopted with 4 of the 5 votes in the Island Council.

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