AFBW wins referendum and will represent employees at Divi Flamingo hotel

Union representatives watch the votes being counted. Photo: ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK- The General Federation of Bonerian Employees (AFBW) has won a referendum on Friday to represent the employees of Divi Flamingo hotel.

It was already clear for some time that the AFBW represented the majority of the employees, but the Management of the hotel did not want to give in to that. A referendum among the employees entitled to vote, however, provided a clear victory for the union. Of the votes cast, 63 were for the AFBW, while four votes were declared invalid.

The union can now negotiate a Collective Labor Agreement (CLA) with the hotel.

“The employees have indicated by whom they want to be represented. Justice has prevailed and the employees have won,” said AFBW president Cherrel Kwidama.

Industry wide

The union representatives would like to see an amendment to the labor law, so that negotiated collective agreements become universally binding for the entire sector. 

The AFBW says it wants to lobby the relevant ministry for this. Now, due to representation at one hotel but not at another, major differences can arise in terms of employment, but indirectly also in the competitiveness of hotels operating in the same industry.

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