Air Belgium returns to Curaçao

Air Belgium returns to Curaçao
An Air Belgium plane at Curaçao International Airport. Photo: Harald Linkels

ZAVENTEM – ABC Online Media partner reports the first Air Belgium flight departing from Brussels Airport to Curaçao.

The Belgian airline now flies on that route twice a week, with a stopover at Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic on the way there.

Last summer, Air Belgium flew from Charleroi to Curaçao via Martinique (and later Guadeloupe), but that route was stopped after a short time due to a strict lockdown on the French island. Without the passengers for Martinique, the connection would not have been profitable.


On the second attempt Air Belgium now departs from Brussels Airport and executes the flights to Curaçao via Punta Cana. The Belgians are carrying out the first flights with the Airbus A340-300, but expect to start using their brand new A330neos soon.

Air Belgium is the only airline that connects Belgium to Curaçao. Alternatively, travelers with TUI or KLM can fly from Schiphol to the holiday island. TUI will again offer a regular service from Brussels to Aruba next year.

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