American Airlines to Execute Only 1 Weekly Return Flight during September

American Airlines Airbus A319 Photo Harald Linkels
Although AA is quite happy with the level of bookings to Bonaire, the month of September will see only one weekly return flight instead of the normal four. Photo: Harald Linkels

Kralendijk- American Airlines is quite happy with the bookings on the flights to Bonaire. This was expressed once again by the carrier during a recent 2-day visit to the island.

The main purpose of the visit of the AA-representative was to do site inspections of properties and tour around the points of interests in order to get to know the island better.

Current seat capacity per month is currently about 2300 seats. During the month of September however, there will be a temporary reduction to 1 flight per week. After that, he amount of flights will go back up to 4 weekly return trips between Flamingo Airfield and Miami International airport.

According to the Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) , now that the AA representatives have seen the product this will also help them understand how to better market the island.

TCB also said to be carrying out discussions for future marketing initiatives in order to have Bonaire more visible in its promotions and help create a higher demand for the flights. This will also be communicated with the Tourism Sector. TCB said they were thankful for all partners that made this trip a productive one.

The AA delegation was hosted by Harbour Village during their short stay.

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