Architect of Tourism Plan Bonaire and Saba writes new book

Croes (l) here on an archive picture with Bonaire’s former commissioner of Tourism Elvis Tjin Asjoe

The architect behind among others Bonaire’s Strategic Tourism Plan, professor Robertico Croes, has published his fifth book, furthering his exploration of small islands and their struggle with growth, opportunities, and human development.

Currently Croes is also a consultant to Saba’s government for the plotting of a new Tourism Strategy. 

In his new book, ‘Small Island and Small Destination Tourism’, Croes provides a plan for a way out of the small size conundrum through a tourism specialization model. Croes’ research suggests that islands specializing in tourism development grow faster and have higher GDP per capita than those with a different development pathway. 


The book compares the difference between Aruba and Curaçao based on the constitutional economics model, and shows that Aruba grew faster, has a higher GDP per capita, higher productivity, and similar human development as measured by the Human Development Index (HDI). 

The book concludes that tourism specialization suggests potential increasing returns depending on human capital accumulation. 

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