Arthur Sealy: Daisy Coffie had every right to scrutinize Hennyson Thielman’s conduct

KRALENDIJK – Political commentator and historian Arthur Sealy believes that Council Lady Daisy Coffie (M21) was just doing her job when she openly raised questions about the actions of Deputy Thielman and the company HYPE Events Planner.

Sealy stated this in a conversation with DCTV. According to Sealy, it is noteworthy that Coffie, including supporters of the Movementu di Pueblo (MPB), was accused of making personal attacks on Thielman.

“In my opinion, it was not a personal attack on Thielman at all, but more on his conduct as a Commissioner in the Executive Council,” Sealy said. By this, Sealy refers to the fact that Thielman had asked Governor Reynold Oleana to conduct an investigation into the permit process for Hype Event Planner; a Company that is formally registered under Thielman’s wife’s name. “Now that the investigation shows that there was no permit, as Thielman seemed to suggest, it is appropriate for Coffie to raise questions about it,” Sealy said. The commentator also believes that Thielman provided incorrect information to the island council, which is normally considered a political sin. According to Sealy, it should be up to the island council to decide whether they still have confidence in Thielman as a deputy, despite the proceedings. “Nothing else is relevant,” Sealy said.


Sealy also finds the criticism by certain groups of Governor Oleana, who commissioned the investigation into the permit process, particularly misplaced. “There are now also voices saying that Governor Oleana is arrogant and conceited, and pretends to be more intelligent than he is. I find these statements reprehensible. Neither Oleana nor Coffie did anything wrong here.”

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