Asha Stevens Hillside Christian School embraces Soualichi Stories to ignite learning

PHILIPSBURG- Asha Stevens Hillside Christian School in Philipsburg, St. Maarten, is taking an innovative approach to education with “Soualichi Stories.” 

Over 30 staff members participated in a training workshop to incorporate these captivating tales into their curriculum. This initiative, backed by the Foresee Foundation, aims to make the island’s rich oral heritage an integral part of local education. 

Season Three of Soualichi Stories, funded by the Dutch Fund Culture Participation, is already underway, promising to unveil 10 more enchanting tales. The workshop emphasized the revival of storytelling as an art form, inspiring educators to tap into creativity and spontaneity in their classrooms. 


The enthusiasm among teachers suggests a new generation of storytellers is on the horizon, and the Soualichi Stories Team is eager to expand their reach beyond the classroom, including launching an interactive e-book version. For those interested in integrating these narratives into their curriculum, contact Foresee Foundation to empower your school with the magic of Soualichi Stories.

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