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Astrid McKenzie appointed on ZJCN Complaint Committee

KRALENDIJK/ORANJESTAD- Former commissioner for the PLP and entrepreneur Astrid McKenzie Tatem has been appointed to a Committee to handle complaints about Zorg en Jeugd Caribisch Nederland (ZJCN).

McKenzie was appointed by State Secretary Van Ooijen, togeter with Committee chairman and former Governor of the Netherlands Antilles, Frits Goedgedrag, Erich Perigault Monte, Filia Kramp and Maartje Molenaar. Kramp is the vice-chair of the Committee and will preside when Goedgedrag is unavailable.

Complaints about the decisions and handling of ZJCN -formerly ZVK- are not new to especially the residents of St. Eustatius and Saba but have, over recent months and weeks, increased once again.


While the appointment of a Committee as such is a positive step, newssite Dossier Koninkrijksrelaties also writes that complaints cannot be send directly to the Committee, but have to be submitted to the ZJCN director, who will then determine if he sees cause to submit the complaint to the Committee.

“Rather cynical, once if one takes into account that he is considered part of the problem”, writes Dossier Koninkrijkrelaties”.

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