Auction to enable the purchase of a mini-excavator for Tera Barra’s tree planting project on Bonaire

KRALENDIJK- Over two years ago, Tera Barra on Bonaire organized a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for a wood chipper. Thanks to the generosity of several large and many smaller donors, the machine was indeed purchased.

Now, the organization faces a new challenge. “Thanks to the chipper, we have managed to produce a considerable stock of compost from garden waste,” says Johan Blerk of the organization in conversation with “But now, the next challenge arises, namely the actual planting of thousands of cultivated trees in the island’s nature.”

Blerk points out a fact known to every hobby gardener on Bonaire: Planting trees or shrubs is nearly impossible due to the hard rocky soil. “So now, we are looking for the necessary funds to purchase a mini-excavator, which will allow us to make the necessary holes on a large scale to plant the trees.”


To raise funds for purchasing a mini-excavator, which will greatly facilitate the planting process, Tera Barra is organizing an auction this coming Saturday, where various items will be auctioned, ranging from art, objects, natural products, to excursions or hotel stays.

Donors who are physically on the island can purchase a ticket for a dinner combined with the auction. Tickets are available until Friday at Harbourtown Real Estate, while tickets can be obtained until Saturday at Tera Barra itself.

Additionally, interested parties from outside the island can now place bids on the vast array of items that will be auctioned via Tera Barra’s Facebook Page.

Over the past few years, volunteers from Tera Barra have cultivated thousands of indigenous tree species, which are now ready to be planted. Photo: Tera Barra


Despite the work he and a group of volunteers have been doing for many years, including sowing, cultivating trees, and making compost, Van Blerk is as enthusiastic as ever about the foundation’s reforestation efforts.

“With this, we can truly plant thousands of indigenous trees on the island in a professional manner. The intended location is a spectacular spot by the sea, where everyone can enjoy it,” explains Van Blerk with great passion.

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