Author Evelien van Dort Donates Books to Kiwanis Club of Kralendijk

Van Dort has donated 14 books to Kiwanis Bonaire. Photo: Kiwanis

KRALENDIJK- Author Evelien van Dort has donated 14 full-color children’s books for the age group of 4-12 years to the Kiwanis Club of Kralendijk Bonaire for their projects aimed at the children of Bonaire.

Evelien van Dort, a member of the Kiwanis Club QUOTA Zeist and a children’s and youth book author with 90 children’s books published in 8 different languages, including Papiamentu. Her passion is to write beautiful books in which children feel seen and to stimulate reading because reading expands your world.

For 15 years, she has been organizing annual reading promotion projects in the Caribbean with her husband.

Evelien wishes the Kiwanis Club of Kralendijk Bonaire a lot of success with their wonderful projects, truly amazing dedication!


In December, the Kiwanis Club of Kralendijk Bonaire is organizing various activities for children, including a Christmas project in elementary schools and a Sinterklaas celebration. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook to stay informed about their projects.

Kiwanis Club of Kralendijk Bonaire thanks Evelien van Dort for her donation.

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