Authorities Repeat Travel Warning for Venezuela

Flights between Venezuela and the ABC islands has once again been interrupted. Especially flights from Avior out of Curaçao are relatively popular, also with travelers out of Bonaire. Photo: BES-Reporter

Kralendijk- Travel by Dutch Nationals to Venezuela is still strongly discouraged; now probably more than ever. This much became clear yesterday in a press statement by Island Governor Edison Rijna.

“It is important to emphasize that the travel advice from the Dutch Ministry of Home Affairs not to go to Venezuela is now more than ever in force. This is due to the current problematic and confusing situation in the country. The travel advice applies until further notice”, said Rijna.

Reina also gave his assurance that Executive Council and Governor’s office are following developments in Venezuela closely. “As soon as there are new developments in Venezuela, the Island Governor and the Executive Council will provide information about this. I urge our population to remain calm and not to spread incorrect information, or to speculate on the basis of incorrect information”, according to Rijna.

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