Benito Dirks deeply disappointed by ‘public execution’ of Commissioner Jolinda Craane

KRALENDIJK- Island Council Member Benito Dirks of the Union Patriotiko Boneriano (UPB) in a statement on Friday expressed what he described as his deep disappointment in the way commissioner Jolinda Craane has been treated by a group of Island Council Members.

“After just five months in this position, Craane was removed in a barbaric and cruel manner by five of the nine Island Council members,” according to Dirks. According to Dirks the action of the group of 5 council members is especially regrettable taking into account that Craane is no politician and was proposed -and accepted-as an outside (non-political, editor) commissioner.

Dirks believes that the council members by means of their vote of no-confidence have unjustly labelled Craane as ‘unreliable and incompetent’. Dirks also stated that it would have been much more elegant if Craane had been asked to resign voluntarily. 


Dirks in his statement also expresses his sincere appreciation for Craane’s work. “I thank Jolinda Craane, her children and her broader family, for her service as Commissioner for the Public Entity”. 

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