BIA Successfully Renews ILT Safety Certification for the Fifth Time

KRALENDIJK – Bonaire International Airport (BIA) successfully renewed its safety certification from the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) at the end of June. This marks the fifth consecutive time BIA has received this prestigious certification, once again valid for a three-year period.

The law mandates BIA to maintain an adequate safety management system and an airport manual with procedures. In June, the ILT, which falls under the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, conducted a comprehensive audit. The audit included an evaluation of safety management, education and training, procedures and processes, and compliance with laws and regulations. The audit concluded that BIA more than meets the required safety standards.

BIA’s Chief Operating Officer, Onno de Jong, takes pride in the achievement: “It demonstrates our airport team’s ongoing commitment to safety at Flamingo Airport.” In the recent period, BIA has primarily focused on further professionalizing the organization and enhancing maintenance. “Safety begins with the right mindset, and it’s about continuously learning and improving safety. We have once again successfully achieved this. I express my appreciation to all our colleagues who have dedicated years to this effort.”

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