Big Pride party attracts many visitors in Bonaire

Those present loved the energetic drag performers flown in from Curaçao. Photo: ABC Online Media. 

KRALENDIJK – Despite criticism from certain segments of society, the Pride party held on Saturday night turned out to be quite a success. A total of over 250 people attended the relatively large-scale event at Happy’s on the road to Lac.

Although the atmosphere was already great from the beginning, the performance of the three drag performers, specially flown in from Curaçao, received a lot of enthusiasm and applause. There was vigorous clapping, singing along, and plenty of filming as well.

Judith Brekelmans from Pride Bonaire expresses her delight over the success of Pride Week, which featured various activities. “When I heard some critical comments beforehand, I wasn’t sure how successful it would all be. But seeing the turnout on Saturday, everything is going really well.”

The party was not only attended by representatives from the LGBTIQ community itself, but also by those who were interested in enjoying a fun party in a different atmosphere than the usual on the island.

Swimming Trunk Party

A swim trunk party was still scheduled for Sunday at The Bonerian hotel, which also attracted a considerable number of people. Symposiums and an art exhibition were previously included in the Pride week program.

Brekelmans now looks forward to next year with high hopes. “Perhaps this year was still a bit daunting for many, but we are already excited to organize an even bigger Pride event on Bonaire in 2024.”

Brekelmans is also pleased with the support received from various sectors of society. Several organizations were willing to financially support the event. “And for that, we are very grateful,” says Brekelmans.

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