Big Rock Supermarket is the cheapest food store in Saba according to price comparison

THE BOTTOM- Big Rock Supermarket has turned out to be the cheapest supermarket on the island, followed by Unique. Saba Wishes and Saba Emporium have turned out to be the most expensive ones. 

The price comparisons for August 2022 are now available on the Public Entity Saba website. With the comparisons, Residents can see how much you will pay for these items and where you can find the cheapest product at each supermarket. 

For each product, the cheapest variant is noted in every supermarket. Government notes that any taste and/or quality differences have not been assessed. The prices are converted to standard quantities (such as kilos, liters, or pieces). 

Detailed list

The full detailed list with the comparison of the various items in the four food stores can be found here

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