Boi Antoin starts action to preserve old airport building

Boi Antoin starts action to preserve old airport building

KRALENDIJK- Journalist, writer and historian Boi Antoin has started an action on his Facebook page and in the media with the aim of preserving the building of the old airport terminal, which is next to the current terminal.

Bonaire International Airport (BIA) would like to demolish the building, which is now in a very bad state. According to the airport, the building stands in the way of the airport’s plans for expansion.

“Bonaire International Airport and its management, which consists almost entirely of Dutch people, want to knock down the building in March. They argue that this old building is an obstacle to the expansion of the airport,” says Antoin.

Antoin says in his appeal that he is curious what other inhabitants of the island think of the plan. Although Antoin’s appeal for the preservation of the small building is mainly welcomed, it is striking that the number of people who respond is relatively small and does not exceed 100.


Many older residents in particular have nostalgic feelings about the building that can be seen on many old photos with a pond and a plastic flamingo at the front of the building. The arrival and departure hall of the aircraft was moved in 1974 to the new building, which is still in use today.

Incidentally, the first airport on the island was built far from its current location, namely at Subi Blanku, located on the road between Kralendijk and Rincon. The site of the first airport made it difficult to lengthen the runway, so a completely new runway was built at the location, which is still in use at today’s airport on the way to Belnem. 

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