Bon Doet volunteer campaign 2022 successfully closed

Bon Doet volunteer campaign 2022 successfully closed
Various participants earned a prize as recognition for their special efforts. Photo: ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK- The volunteers of Bon Doet will be seen all over the island in the past few days, busy painting, repairing or simply giving attention to a good cause. 

The action ended on Saturday evening with a meeting at Eddy’s in Hato. Roosje van der Hook, who acted as coordinator of the volunteer project, thanked those who attended. 

“I get emotional seeing how many people have committed and what has been done. We mainly did it together,” said Van der Hoek. The organizers thanked several people who have made themselves particularly valuable during this year’s promotion. 


One of those people was SGB teacher Robert van Grieken, who motivated as many as 200 students to participate in the campaign; more than double the previous year. animals The volunteers of Bon Doet have tackled various issues in recent days. It wasn’t just people. According to Van der Hoek, volunteers have also been busy doing things for animals in recent days.

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