BONAI Foundation organizes Pilot Project on Slavery and a New Kingdom

Play and story-telling are two elements used in the Pilot. Photo: ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK – On November 24, 2023, Stichting BONAI, in collaboration with the National Institute for the Dutch Slavery Past and Heritage (NinSee) and NGO Platform Bonaire, organized the commemoration of slavery with the event titled “A New Kingdom.”

Approximately 100 students from Kolegio Kristu Bon Wardador participated in the event, which is still being carried out as a pilot project. Stichting BONAI hopes to soon present the event to all schools and the population of Bonaire.

There were a total of 4 activities, including a play between an indigenous person of Native American descent, played by Jackie Bernabela, and an African, played by Katty Thielman.

During the play, the children learned about their origins, enabling them to determine the future for our people. Onnie Emerciana explained the salt fields on the island and discussed the crops that were cultivated on Bonaire in the past.

Eligio Goeloe presented 4 obelisks and guided the children along the slave path, where they received more information about the challenging work in the salt pans endured by our ancestors.

Equality, peace, and unity

Lauriane Ammerlaan, Chairperson of Stichting BONAI, thanked everyone who made this event possible. “This is just the beginning to help shape a new Kingdom, anchored in equality, peace, and unity for our future generations.”

The activity took place under the tamarind tree in Tera Kora.

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