Bonaire Crosses Line of 14,000 Vaccinated Persons

Kralendijk- While the pace of vaccination has slowed down considerably compared to the first weeks, Bonaire has now crossed the line of 14,000 residents who have been vaccinated at least once.

The number of persons who are now complete vaccinated with two Pfizer shots has also moved up steadily over the past few weeks and is now of 11,100.

While the initial objective was to reach no less than 16,000 vaccinated persons, Bonaire is doing a pretty thorough job with the vaccination campaign. Over 73% of the adult population has now at least received one shot against Covid-19.

Coordinator of the Vaccination Campaign, Joey van Slobbe said that while the numbers of persons vaccinated per day has gone down as of late, there are still people who wish to be vaccinated. “At times this goes in groups of 10 persons per time, but every person counts”, said Van Slobbe during a press conference on Thursday morning.

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