Bonaire Deepsea Challenge and Caribbean Mermaid Festival

Bonaire Deepsea Challenge and Caribbean Mermaid Festival

Deepsea freediving school invites everyone to the 3rd Annual Freediving Event; Bonaire Deepsea Challenge 2017 on 16th-25th Sept in the Dutch Caribbean. The third edition of the Bonaire Deepsea Challenge will cover the following aspects:

– Competition in four disciplines with no maximum depth: Athletes from different countries and from all over the world will compete in the following freediving disciplines: Static (STA), Constant Weight (CWT), Constant No Fins (CNF) and Free Immersion (FIM), with no maximum depth, during 6 days of competition. Giving them the opportunity to break national, continental, and even world record depths. At the end of the competition, the athlete that’s most outstanding in all disciplines will be announced the most complete freediver of 2017.

– World Record Attempt: Carolina Schrappe (BRA) will be attempting a new female Variable Weight (VW) World Record. According to schedule, the first official attempt will take event on September 16th. Following Attempt days are: September 20th, and 24th.

– 23 Sept: 1st Ocean Mermaid Parade: As part of the closing ceremony for Bonaire Deepsea Challenge 2017’s we are preparing the first Ocean Parade on the island with a free entrance for all participants. All the people on Bonaire, including kids and parents have been invited to march together with the athletes and the organization team, starting from Park Tului from 4pm-7pm, along Playa, until El Mundo Restaurant. It will be a unique and beautiful pro ocean life conservation carnival of colors for people of all ages, who will be showing off their marine life inspired outfits while different activities for the kids are taking place.

The Parade is a friendly artistic event designed to express yourself by making your own creative art and outfit to celebrate the conservation of the ocean life and the mysterious mythology about mermaids and tritons. The event aims to create awareness on how humans contribute to ocean pollution as well as coral reef damage and call to take more actions to work actively to protect and prevent this. Ocean pollution is an ever-increasing global concern that threatens marine life, our environment, the economy, and human health.

Don´t miss it! It´s for free you only have to bring your original ocean costume, have fun and participate to win a prize.

– 24-25 Sept: Caribbean Mermaid Festival For the 1st time in the Dutch Caribbean we’ll have a Mermaid Festival. On sunday morning 24 Sept, at Harbour Village, we will have essential mermaiding workshops with the advice from professional freedivers about the correct technique to breath and swim with a monofin like a mermaid. In the afternoon, we’ll have a professional photoshoot (on land and underwater) at the clear and pristine waters of the island while making underwater filming with 3600 Virtual Reality Technology.

“Bonaire is one of the top worldwide freediving destinations. It has a unique shore diving experience. This paradise island offers perfect water conditions for freedivers: Beautiful crystal calm and warm waters combine with all services in 2Km area. Is a unique destiny for training as mermaids and mermen who want to enjoy the real marine life sceneries combined with other water sports” — Gaby Coste (Event Producer)

The schedule is spread in 6 official days where athletes are given the chance to compete in four freediving disciplines. This will take place in the following coordinates N 120 08.269´ W 0680 16.980´, 500 mts on front Te Amo Beach in an underwater playground built specifically for the comfort of the athletes. So far, we are counting with the participation of athletes from the following nationalities: Japan, Ukraine, Venezuela, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Brasil. The competition will be recognized by AIDA judges, Austrian Christian Foetinger and the Venezuelan Dr. Gabriela Contreras.

– Fri Sept 15th Registration and Press Conference 5pm

– Sat Sept 16th Opening Ceremony 6pm

– Sun Sept 17tth Depth Competition Day 1

– Mon Sept 18th Depth Competition Day 2

– Tue Sept 19th Depth Competition Day 3

– Thu Sept 21st Static Competition

– Tue Sept 22nd Depth Competition Day 4

– Wed Sept 23rd Depth Competition Day 5

Static competition will be at the Red Palm Village Pool. From 9am -12m. The audience could see directly the freedivers breath holding as long time as possible.




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