Governance & Integrity

Bonaire Exco wants Better Governance at Government-owned Companies

Commissioner Tjin Asjoe recently held meetings with consultant Carla Aalse and Quartermaster Nerry Gonzalez about the project towards better Governance at Government-owned entities. Photo: Government of Bonaire

Kralendijk- The Government of Bonaire is actively striving to get to better Governance at the Government-owned companies on the island.

The need for better Governance was identified in the administrative accord between the local Government and the central Government in The Hague. “This is one of the issues outlined in the agreement, signed with The Hague, and we are going full speed ahead to implement necessary changes” said Commissioner Tjin Asjoe.

The Government recently concluded a first assessment executed by crmLiNK, headed by expert Carla Aalse. Freshly appointed ‘Quartermaster’ Nerry Gonzalez will now work on a concrete plan outlining all the steps necessary to get to the desired Governance.

Tjin Asjoe also indicated that, as part of the plan, new supervisory Board members would be appointed to the Supervisory Boards of all Government-owned entities. “We have had way too many vacancies on these Boards in recent years, hampering their optimal functioning. This deficiency will be eliminated over the next few weeks.”

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