Bonaire goes to Covid Risk-level II

Governor Rijna had a lot of positive news on Thursday morning.

Kralendijk- Due to the favorable situation with the number of Covid-19 infections, Bonaire will go to risk level II. This means that a lot of things, which were limited or forbidden, will become possible again.

As of today, cinemas can open back and sport events can be organized with public. Also, most limitations for restaurants and gyms are lifted. Casinos can also open back normally.


Travel from Aruba and Curaçao, as of June 1, 2021, can take place without a PCR test for fully vaccinated passengers. This is the case for both residents of Bonaire as of the other two islands. One condition, however, is that the second shot was received 2 weeks prior to the travel date.

Another positive development is the posibility to have passengers taken an anti-gen test upon arrival. This was especially important for the American carriers. Both Delta Airlines and American Airlines will restart flights to Bonaire from early June.

Gezaghebber RIjna thanked the residents of the islands. “Thanks to the fact that many people have decided to get vaccinated, as well as a good abidance by the implemented preventative measures, have brought the situation with Covid-19 back under control”, said Reina during a press conference on Thursday morning.

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