Bonaire Government: Earplugs against damage cause by loud carnival music

Earplugs can be a big help in preventing hearing damage. Photo: ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK – The Department of Public Health (PB) of the Public Entity Bonaire points out the risk that loud carnival music can lead to permanent hearing damage.

To prevent this, the department recommends wearing earplugs. These are distributed free of charge during the parades by the Fundashon Klave together with, among others, Skol Amplio Papa Cornes, the Zorg en Welzijn Groep and employees of the AKSESO foundation.

Protection campaign

The free earplugs are part of a broad health protection campaign. In this context, the department calls on this carnival to make responsible use of substances such as alcohol, drugs and tobacco, to drink enough water, to eat healthy and to protect yourself against the bright sun.

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