Bonaire Government opts for more lenient import regime from Venezuela

KRALENDIJK – The Executive Council of the Pubic Entity Bonaire has opted for a more lenient import regime from Venezuela. 

The Council has decided to generally allow the import of goods from Venezuela without restrictions, which is beneficial for the residents and businesses of Bonaire. However, there are still some exceptions, such as the ban on importing live animals, meat, edible offal, milk, eggs, and other animal products due to health risks. Fish, shellfish, and other invertebrates can only be imported under specific conditions. 

Additionally, live plants and flowers are not allowed due to natural and veterinary risks. There is an import ban on certain products like flour, seeds, and raw hides. Animal products, disposable plastics, precious metals, and narcotics are also not permitted. Food must meet safety standards, and other products must be new and unused. 

Fruits- and Vegetable Market

The Executive Board is also considering establishing a vegetable and fruit market to meet the residents’ demands.

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