Bonaire has not presented Draft Budget 2021 On Time

Minister Knops
State Secretary Knops is not at all amused by the inability of Bonaire to present a timely budget for the year 2021.

Kralendijk- The Government of Bonaire has not managed to present their draft 2021 budget on time to Cft or the Ministery of Interior Affairs and Kingdom Relations (BZK).

On November 18th, the College for Financial Supervision (Cft) sent a letter to the Executive Council, notifying them that by lack of an approved 2021, the College would itself present a budget for the year 2021.

State Secretary Raymond Knops, based on the letter of Cft, on November 20th followed up with his own letter, notifying the Executive Council that Bonaire would -contrary to their request- not be granted an extension in the period to prepare the draft 2021 budget.


The Cft has been increasingly critical of Bonaire as of late. They have, at various occasions pointed out that progress reports were not handed in on time, while they also noted a sub optimal budgeting cycle, leading to unnecessary delays.

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