Bonaire Island Council discusses Wishlist with the Netherlands

KRALENDIJK – After months of internal discussions and consultations with other islands and the Netherlands, the Bonaire Island Council has drafted a document called “The Standpoint of Bonaire,” with which it travels to the Netherlands to advocate for improved laws and regulations for Bonaire. 

The discussions are part of the revision of the Law on Public Entities Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, and Saba (WOLBES) and the Law on Public Body Finances BES (FINBES). The document contains thirteen well-founded proposals aimed at improving the welfare of citizens and the democratic control of governance. Four principles are central: maintaining the existing legal order, autonomy and self-determination, a new governance structure, and differentiation. 

The proposals include a new way to determine the free allowance for the island, changing the name of Bonaire to “Boneiru/Bonaire” instead of ‘Public Entity Bonaire’ and recognizing Papiamentu as an official language of governance. Furthermore, it is proposed to appoint a permanent representative in The Hague and establish a new independent governance body for better governance and financial oversight. 


Despite the expected challenges, members of the Bonaire Island Council look forward to the discussions in the Netherlands with confidence.

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