Bonaire in the picture with O’Neill

A special campaign by O’Neill will start this week in Holland and will mean good promotion for Bonaire. Photo: TCB.

Kralendijk –A special campaign by O’Neill starts this week in Holland with Bonaire putting Bonaire prominently in the picture. According to Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TBC) this will be a unique promotion with a lot of attention in the press and on social media.

Last winter, the surf team of O’Neill visited Bonaire and made some spectacular recordings for the annual O’Neill movie. The film was premiered last week friday, and can be seen online on:

During the visit of the surf team the surfers offered a surfclinic for the youth of Bonaire and was very well received. This visit of the Oneil team was a unique opportunity for Bonaire to showcase themselves as a particularly beautiful location for both wind and kite surfers. The coming weeks, the attention on Bonaire will be further picked up by O’Neill with a big retail action in collaboration with Beaver Outdoor.

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