Bonaire Police confiscates 60 driver’s licenses for serious traffic violations in first months of 2024

Not only are there more serious infractions, but officers of KPCN have been less lenient than was the case before. Photo: KPCN

KRALENDIJK – The Caribbean Netherlands Police Force (KPCN) has already confiscated approximately 60 driver’s licenses from motorists as a penalty for various traffic offenses during the first months of this year.

This information was revealed during the presentation of the annual crime statistics and data on traffic accidents and violations on Friday afternoon, after questions from ABC Online Media. According to Edwin van der Giessen, Head of Police Basic Care (BPZ), this situation results from a combined effect. Not only have there been more traffic violations overall, but the police officers are also enforcing stricter measures on the streets.

In total, the police issued a record number of 1731 fines in 2023, significantly more than during the period between 2020 and 2022. Compared to 2022, this represents no less than a tripling of the number of fines imposed.


The duration of license suspension for the involved drivers depends on the severity of the offense. KPCN now routinely checks whether drivers are under the influence in traffic accidents. This not only leads to more fines but also to increased apprehension of drivers in serious cases and, if warranted, temporary revocation of their driver’s licenses.

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