Bonaire positive about participation in Small Island Developing States Conference

Commissioner Anjelica Cicilia headed the Bonaire delegation. Photo: OLB

KRALENDIJK – Commissioner Anjelica Cicilia, environmental policy advisor Johanna Garming, and student Noah Herlaar-Hassan represented Bonaire at the fourth international Small Island Developing States (SIDS4) conference recently held in Antigua & Barbuda. 

This UN conference, held once every 10 years, focused on climate adaptation and addressed issues such as climate change, biodiversity loss, ocean conservation, and disaster risk reduction. 

Bonaire emphasized efforts in reusing sargassum and expanding mangrove areas for coastal protection and CO2 absorption. Practical steps such as revitalizing saliñas and adding vegetation were discussed to enhance flood resilience.

Youth Participation

Student Noah Herlaar-Hassan represented Bonaire’s youth, highlighting the importance of youth participation in environmental matters.

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