Bonaire puts a stop to development of spatial development plan 2023

Concerns about the explosive growth on the island are not new, but much higher on the agenda of the new Executive Council. Photo: OLB

KRALENDIJK – The Executive Council of Bonaire has put a stop to what was supposed to be the Spatial Development Plan (ROB) 2023. 

According to the Executive Council, it is time for strategic reflection and perhaps a new direction. The decision, described as a result of ‘careful considerations,’ aligns with the administrative program 2023-2027 agreed upon by the coalition of PDB, M21, and the Vrolijk faction. 

“This means concretely that a new Spatial Development Plan will be initiated once the groundwork is in order, with the current ROB2010 remaining in force for ongoing and new applications,” stated the Executive Council in a communication on Saturday. The Executive Council emphasizes the need for crucial decisions regarding the island’s spatial development, population growth, an as yet unapproved Development Program BES, the necessity to assess the current state of the island, and a Strategic Environmental Assessment. 


“The apparent need for ROB 2023 arises from a lack of effective implementation, supervision, and enforcement within the existing framework,” the Executive Council states, pointing a finger at the previous administration.

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