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Bonaire Registers first Homicide for 2020

The Police have been busy with various violent incidents. Photo: ABC Online Media

Kralendijk- Bonaire has registered its first homicide for the year. Although details are still sketchy, the 39 year old male victim R.A.S.B has succumbed to his wounds, after he was stabbed in the early morning hours.

According to information from the Police, the victim was stabbed in his neck at his home on the Kaya Otomac in Nord di Saliña. After the stabbing, the victim was transported to the hospital for medical care, but later succumbed to his wounds.


Police communicated late Sunday evening that a 26 year old female suspect, with initials D.R. had been arrested in relation to the homicide. No further details were provided.

The 13-year old son of victim R.B. is said to have witnessed the traumatic event.

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