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Bonaire tropical island, now four direct flights on AA

First direct flight from Miami that landed on Bonaire, June 9th 2018. Photo: Harald Linkels

Since Saturday, June 9, 2018 there is a direct flight possible with American Airlines from Miami, Florida to Bonaire and vice versa. From December 15, that number is increased to four return trips per week. The added flights are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There is also the possibility to connect in Miami to flights to other cities such as Chicago, Washington D.C., Boston, New York.

This tropical paradise is now within 3 hours reachable from Miami for a very low price, four times a week. For all Americans we have figured out why this flight is worth it.

The three commissioners of Bonaire with the first direct flight from Miami. Photo: Harald Linkels

Underwater world

For diving and snorkeling, Bonaire is a Walhalla, that is one thing that is certain. Bonaire is one of the three best dive sites in the world and there is no word of exaggeration. The water is crystal clear, the visibility is a few tens of meters and the heat of the water is 28 degrees on average. Whether you are snorkeling or diving, there is a 100% guarantee that you will see a wide variety of fish and beautiful coral. There are also numerous turtles in the waters around Bonaire where you have a great chance of encountering them.

Underwater world. Photo: bayadventures


Bonaire is not necessarily known for its beaches, but it does have some very nice ones and the choice is quite diverse. Bonaire has both pebble and sandy beaches. You can also choose whether you want to lie quietly or more busy with beach clubs. If you’re going for quiet, for example Pink Beach is a good one. Especially during the week there is a big chance that you are almost alone. This beach mainly consists of pebbles but also has a piece of sandy beach where you can lie comfortably. Behind you you can gently hear the palm trees rustling and when it gets too hot you can easily cool down in the clear sea.

Are you looking for a more commercial beach? Then go to Hang Out Beachbar in the Lac Bay area. For free you can spend the whole day on a lounger where you will be served. All day long you can eat and drink unwise and you do not even have to get rid of your bed. Many wind surfers are active on the water and the water is ideal for children. You can walk as far as you want but it is nowhere deep.

Overview from Pink Beach. Photo: wesharebonaire


Bonaire has a lot of nice restaurants with diverse food. From fresh fish from the sea to good cuts of meat. On the boulevard in Kralendijk are several top restaurants with a beautiful view over the glittering sea. In addition to fantastic restaurants, there are also many food trucks spread across the island that sell food that you want to come back for every day. Every food truck has its own specialty and it is often unique food. From lionfish burgers to hamburgers and from fries with special spices to tuna.

Food truck Kite City on Te Amo beach. Photo: Alex in Wanderland

If you were thinking about going to Bonaire, we hope that this list has helped a bit. 

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