Bonaire’s government will carry out traffic measurements for the preparation of the Master Plan

KRALENDIJK- The Public Entity Bonaire (OLB) will carry out traffic measurements in order to be able to draw up a traffic master plan.

This was announced by the Mobility project group on Tuesday afternoon in a specially convened press conference.

The purpose of the measurement is to determine objectively how heavily certain roads are loaded. A responsible master plan can then be drawn up on the basis of the collected data.


Project leader Road Repair Josilito Statia gave an explanation of the process and also of the devices that will be used. A total of 23 cameras will be installed on different roads to determine the load.

“We all know that road repair is urgently needed, but it’s also important that we do it based on the right assumptions,” Statia said.


Incidentally, the OLB is not only looking at the repair of the roads, but also about other aspects of the infrastructure. Particular attention is paid to the lack of parking spaces in the city center.

Various potential sites are currently being examined to determine whether they can be used as parking areas. This includes the open space of the former prison, but also the space for the stadium in the Kaya Betico Croes.

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