Bonairesafetravel Provides Fast and Non-invasive PCR-tests

The testcenter is located on the Courtyard by Marriott property. Photo: ABC Online Media

Kralendijk- Bonairesafetravel, a joint venture project of the Dutch company Hestia and BonLab provides fast and efficient PCR tests for travelers. The new service is different in the sense that the swabs executed by the organization are considerably less invasive than is normally the case.

The process to get tested at Bonairesafetravel, before your journey, starts with an online registration. By means of the online registration and generation of a pin code, the results can be retrieved later on. The registration process appears to be a bit difficult for quite a few travelers. On Sunday, many customers arriving at the test center, had to be assisted to either complete the registration, or to retrieve their confirmation.

Payment for the service takes place online. The traveler can choose from many available times, 7 days per week.

Two minutes

The test itself is executed very fast. The whole process is carried out in under 2 minutes. Contrary to most other services used by our news desk, the swabs are not taken from very high up in the nose, but more to the front of the nostril. On the other hand, both nostrils are swabbed, instead of just one. The process is not very invasive and hardly bothersome.

Bonairesafetravel promises results in under 2 hours. In most cases this is much faster. Clients receive a notification by mail of the result, which must then be retrieved by entering online both registration number and your personal pin. A official looking certificate can be downloaded to show at airports.

The official looking certificate with the traveler’s details and test result can easily be downloaded and stored.


While the price tag of currently 125 dollars is still a relatively expensive add-on for most travelers, it should be noted that originally the only tests executed on island were over 250 dollars. Bonairesafetravel has made prices go down however, and they have achieved to implement a test process that is fast, efficient and little intrusive.

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