Bonhata: Include tourism in Spatial Development Plan

Bonhata: Include tourism in Spatial Development Plan
Strategic tourism choices should reflect in the overall spatial development plan for the island, according to Bonhata. Photo: ABC Online Media.

KRALENDIJK – The Bonaire Hotel and Tourism Association (Bonhata) is of the opinion that Tourism forms an integral part of the island and therefor, should also be included in the Spatial Development plan of the island. 

Bonhata expressed their opinion in an advice to Government. According to Bonhata CEO, Veroesjka de Windt, the tourism sector is essential for the future of Bonaire. “By allowing tourism to have a front row seat in the spatial development plans we can ensure that this plan will not only contribute to an improved experience for our tourists, but it will also make Bonaire a much nicer place to live in and recreate.”


Bonhata is of the opinion that small scale tourist accommodations should be preferred over large-scale developments. “This can be regulated by establishing conditions for things such as building height, building density and distance to the plot boundary”, according to Bonhata. 

As far as BONHATA is concerned, the new ROB should also facilitate spatial adjustments of the airport, leaving room for the necessary improvements in the safety policy, as well as the possible growth in the number of passengers that visit Bonaire each year. 


Bonhata also proposes to include a thorough traffic investigation in the new ROB, considering the intended growth of residents and visitors. In addition, developing a site where a complete cargo port can be developed, where large vessels with maritime containers can directly be unloaded.

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