Broad support in Island Council Bonaire for Public Beach Access

KRALENDIJK- Within the Island Council of Bonaire there is broad support for the public accessibility of beaches for the inhabitants of the island. That became apparent on Tuesday evening during discussion of the subject.

The accessibility of the beaches on the island, or rather the lack thereof, was raised by the Democratic Party. “There are more and more complaints from local people who are barred from hotel grounds as they are not allowed to swim there. I want to point out again that this is really a right of our residents,” said DP party leader Clark Abraham.

Commissioner Thielman promised that he would again talk to the hotels on the island to indicate that closing off the beach for residents is not allowed.


MPB leader Elvis Tjin Asjoe indicated that he agreed with a stricter action, but also presented a different idea. “In addition to punishing, we can also award hotels that welcome residents and don’t hinder them to access the beaches” said Tjin Asjoe.

The leader of the blue party believes that a kind of recognition, just like recognition of the quality level of a hotel, when it comes to the friendliness towards local guests can be a distinguishing factor. “Then we also approach it in a positive way,” said Tjin Asjoe.

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