Budget situation causes Statia’s absence at Poverty Summit

Saba Island Secretary Tim Muller and commissioner Nina den Heyer represented respectively Saba and Bonaire in the Poverty Summit held in Bonaire today.

Kralendijk- Sint Eustatius was the only island absent in the summit of the 3 BES-islands with members of the First and Second Chamber dealing with the topic of poverty on the islands, which took place on Bonaire today, January 9, 2017.

Commissioner Nina de Heyer of Bonaire explained that commissioner of St. Eustatius, Derrick Simmons, could unfortunately not be present at the summit due to the delay in approval of the 2017 budget for the Public Entity of Statia. Den Heyer said however that she was able to hold a presentation about the poverty situation in Statia which had been prepared by her Statian counterpart.

Both Muller and Den Heyer said to be happy with the summit which had addressed important issues when it comes to the poverty situation on the 3 islands. Muller was present at the summit in the place of Saban Commissioners Wilson and Zagers who both were absent for different reasons.

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