Cadastre Office gives Presentation to Central Committee Statia

A view of the Central Committee meeting on Friday Morning.

Oranjestad- The Cadastre office on Friday morning provided a presentation to the Central Committee of the Island Council about the passing of the Land registry functions to Kadaster Nederland.

The presentation to the Committee was provided by Riency Holder, director of the Cadastre office on Bonaire. Holder explained how the Land Registry would be executed in the new setting. The Council members got the opportunity to ask questions about the new setup, which Holder answered.

Initially there was much hesitance about the transfer of these tasks to Kadaster Netherlands.


Government Commissioner Marnix van Rij raised the point of the costs and where possible profits would go. According to Van Rij, nobody should really make a profit on Land Registry. “What the Cadastre Office does is a public task and in fact profit should not be made on those costs”, said van Rij.

Van Rij therefor suggested that an itemized list should be compiled, so that everybody would know what the costs would be for tasks executed on behalf of the Cadastre office.

Poor people

PLP Councilman Clyde van Putten seconded Van Rij on this point. “For the poor people of St. Eustatius, many of which I represent, I too want to know the costs for tasks by the Cadastre Office”.

Van Putten stated that it could not be that the public would be holding the end of the stick when it came to the transfer of Cadaster tasks of the Public Entity to Kadaster Nederland.

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