Change in SKOSaba school board Saba

Jonathan Johnson holds up the textile artwork created by Els Mommers which he received as a gift as departing president of the SKOSaba school board. Photo: Public Entity Saba

THE BOTTOM- Jonathan Johnson has resigned as President of the board of the Foundation Catholic Education Saba SKOSaba per January 31, 2023. 

He is succeeded by Yamila Bulos per February 1, 2023. The SKOSaba functions as the foundation responsible for the Sacred Heart Primary School.

During his last board meeting earlier this week, Johnson said that he has seen progress in the quality of education at both the Sacred Heart School (SHS) and the Saba Comprehensive School (SCS). Incoming President Bulos thanked Johnson for taking up the responsibility when he was called upon. Johnson received a textile artwork created by Els Mommers as a thank you for his contributions to the school board.

Per February 1, 2023, the SKOSaba school board and the Saba Educational Foundation (SEF), the school board of the SCS, consists of Yamila Bulos, President SKOSaba; Trisha Gumbs-Yu, Secretary SKOSaba; Karen George-Hodge, Treasurer SKOSaba/SEF; Frankin Wilson, President SEF; Marva Donker-Hassell, Secretary SEF and Anton Hermans, Executive Director SKOSaba/SEF.

Board unification

The boards of both schools in July last year announced a further intensification of their collaboration in the interest of education. Ultimately, this collaboration should result in one school board for the primary and secondary schools on Saba.

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