Childcare workers from Saba travel to the Netherlands for Kindernet Exchange Program

Childcare workers from Saba to the Netherlands for exchange program

THE BOTTOM – The first group of employees of the Laura Linzey Daycare Center and the afterschool care of the Saba Girls and Boys Sports Society travelled to the Netherlands on Friday, November 5 for the exchange program with the Dutch childcare organization Kindernet. The exchange is part of the twinning program with Kindernet to get working experience in the Netherlands.

The twinning program started in November 2020 and included the visit of two Kindernet employees who came to Saba in June this year for three months to work at the daycare and afterschool care.

This time, it is the turn for Saba childcare employees to get working experience in the Netherlands. “They will get a feeling of how it is to work there, come up with ideas that they can transfer to their own workplace and share their views. They will also get daily assignments to complete,” said Laura Linzey Daycare Manager Tessa Alexander. The second group will leave on November 19.

Once they are back, there will be an evaluation of the visit to the Netherlands and the exchange participants will give a presentation on what they have learned and how to implement this in the organizations

Phase 1

The exchange is part of phase 1 which lasts until January 2022. Also, part of phase 1 is the visit of three Kindernet representatives to Saba in December this year, and the drafting of a pedagogic vision for the daycare and afterschool care on Saba with the input of Kindernet. This vision will be completed in December this year and shared with parents and stakeholders.

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