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Children’s parade in Kralendijk

The Childrens’s parade passing through the streets of Kralendijk was small, but with a lot of happy faces, both from the participants and from the public alongside the road. Photo: Harald Linkels

Kralendijk- The streets of Kralendijk were quite busy this afternoon with people who had come out to see the children’s parade pass through the streets of the capital. Although the parade seemed a bit smaller compared to previous years, the groups were all well organized.

The children’s carnival queen smiling happily from her trailer. Photo: Harald Linkels

As has been the trend over past years, there are less and less trucks with live music. This year only 1 truck passed through the streets of Kralendijk. Other groups all depended on speakers and a DJ. The children’s parade started at 2.23 PM, only 23 minutes late. Along the road there were not too many holdups so the parade flowed quite steadily. Because of the relatively small size of the parade, many people watched the parade 2 or 3 times in various locations.

Trailers with live music, such as this one sponsored by Chippie, get more and more rare. Foto: Harald Linkels

Beautiful girl posing patiently for the photographers. Photo: Harald Linkels

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