Christmas Activities attract large crowd in Center of Kralendijk

The kids were eager in taking out photos with Santa Claus. Photo: ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK- On Friday night, a sizable audience gathered at Wilhelminapark for the Festival di Barí organized by the cultural service SKAL. The evening featured various activities and performances, coinciding with the last late-night shopping before Christmas. 

Yonchi Dortalina, with his characteristic songs, was a major crowd-pleaser, and the presence of Santa Claus delighted the children, who eagerly took photos with him. 

Representatives from Bonaire Government, including Commissioner Nina Francees-Den Heyer and Felix Thomas from SKAL, emphasized the importance of maintaining local Christmas festivities to preserve the island’s culture. 


Despite traffic congestion caused by the numerous cars, the festive atmosphere persisted well into the night in downtown Kralendijk. 

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