Clark Abraham declares himself ‘independent’ in island council

Clark Abraham, prominent member and the biggest vote-getter in the last elections on the island has declared himself independent from the Partido Democratico Boneriano (PDB Fraction.

Kralendijk- Clark Abraham will no longer form party of the PDB faction in the Island Council. The politician and biggest vote-getter on the list has declared himself an independent fraction in local parliament. The tensions in the PDB-fraction are not new. Former council man Michael Pieters had, for the same reason, tendered his resignation as member of the PDB-fraction.

The complaints from Pieters and now Abraham have much to do with the way the fraction is being led by fraction leader Robby Beukenboom. According to Pieters, especially the internal communication left a lot to be desired. Abraham on the other hand was disturbed by certain comments from Beukenboom about Pieters, after Pieters bid his good bye to the island council.

A letter from Abraham, sent to Beukenboom before the weekend, also did not lead to anything tangible; reason for Abraham to take this drastic step. Abraham’s move is all the more significant as the PDB party was founded among others by his granddad. His uncle Ton Abraham and his father Jopie Abraham, for a long time were also leader of the PDB.

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