Coastguard detains vessel with 22 Venezuelans

The Coastguard on Saturday detained a vessel with 22 Venezuelans trying to enter the country illegally. A firearm was also encountered. The detainees have been handed over to the Police.

Willemstad- The Coastguard (KWCARIB) on Saturday, February 18th arrested a total of twenty two (22) persons of Venezuelan nationality in a vessel close to Curaçao. Last Friday two other Venezuelans had also been arrested.

On Saturday, the radar operator of the Rescue and Coordination Center (RCC) of the Coast Guard detected a suspicious object south of Curacao. Close to Spanish Water, they found an unlit vessel with twenty two people on board. A firearm was also intercepted. The vessel was immediately applied to the coastguard jetty. The detainees were all handed over to the Police.

The firearm encountered was also seized and handed over to the Police. The case is under further investigation.

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