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Coastguard realizes other drug bust

Picture - Coastguard

WILLEMSTAD- The naval ship Zr.Ms. Groningen, sailing for the Caribbean Coast Guard, intercepted a drug transport of more than 1200 kilos of contraband in the morning of September 16.

This is the 14th drug bust for Zr.Ms. Groningen since the station ship has sailed in the Caribbean in April 2022. This catch brings a total of seized drugs for the Caribbean Coast Guard to more than 10,000 for the year 2022.

The Groningen took action after a notification from the Maritime Operation Center (MOC) of the Caribbean Coast Guard. The Coast Guard helicopter was immediately directed to the location of the suspected vessel and pursued it out to sea. When Groningen got closer to the suspect vessel, she launched her two fast motorboats to bring the go-fast to a halt. The four suspects on board the go-fast transported a total of 53 packages, good for more than 1200 kilos of contraband. The four suspects and the drugs have been handed over to the Curaçao Police Force, which will investigate the matter further. The confiscated contraband has since been destroyed.

Station ship

Zr.Ms. Groningen is currently sailing as a station ship of the Royal Netherlands Navy for the Caribbean Coast Guard. The ship is used to act during counter-drug operations and humanitarian aid. In addition, it is also used for various coastguard tasks in the Caribbean, such as detecting illegal fishing, environmental offenses and deployment during SAR actions.

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